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μια νεαρή γυναίκα με γυαλιά μυωπίας και το φεμινιστόσημο ζωγραφισμένο στο ένα της μάγουλο, μέσα στο πλήθος διαδηλωτριών/ων
25N | We claim the right to a life without gender-based violence
We join our voice with feminist and women's organisations and demand the inalienable right to a life free of abuse.

On the occasion of November 25, a day of feminist mobilization and action for the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence, a day of remembrance for those who were murdered and are absent, we fight together with all women and femininities who have experienced gender-based violence regardless of age, nationality, class, religion, cultural, linguistic or other characteristics.

We unite our voice with feminist and women’s organizations and collectives and militantly claim our fundamental human rights and the inalienable right to a life free of abuse, sexual harassment, sexism, fear, threats, rape, and femicide. We claim the right to a respectable life with respect for our dignity, autonomy, self-determination, and freedom to decide for ourselves everywhere: at home, at work, at school, in the political arena, in trade unionism, in art, and in personal relationships.

We claim:

  • Legal recognition of femicide, since the current Penal Code, does not cover the gender and social dimension of the phenomenon, the discrimination, inequality, and power imbalance that are building blocks of femicide.
  • Prevention and protection from gender-based abuse and violence by the state of all women and femininities, especially the most vulnerable, without any discrimination.
  • Safeguards that the competent state authorities (police, judicial authorities, medical and judicial staff, welfare and social workers, etc.) apply the applicable laws, and respect and ensure the rights of persons who are survivors of gender-based violence.
  • Equal and free access of all women/femininities to the support structures (SOS line, counseling centers, shelters), with special measures for people with a refugee/migrant profile, and guarantees for the viability of the Network of Structures with adequate and stable financial and human resources.
  • Expansion and strengthening of the Network of Structures in order to meet the pressing needs and the growing demand for information services, counseling, legal representation, and, especially, accommodation for the survivors
  • Formalization and inclusion of inclusive sex education in compulsory education.
  • Withdrawal of laws that relativize, undermine or endanger women’s guaranteed rights or trap them in stereotypical patriarchal and unequal roles (e.g. the law on compulsory co-custody, the law that turns the Labor Inspectorate into an independent authority and does not in practice ensure the rights of victims of sexual harassment, the articles of the Criminal Code that attack the protection of victims of gender-based violence who choose the judicial route,  etc.).
  • Strengthening feminist and non-governmental organizations that support survivors of gender-based violence with the aim of more effective and comprehensive prevention and response to incidents of gender-based violence.

On Thursday, November 25, 2021, at 6:00 pm, we call at Klafthmonos Square to unite our voice with women’s and feminist organizations and collectives!

Athens, 24/11/2021



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