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Emergency support to survivors on Lesvos
The program is concerned with tackling gender-based violence in Lesvos island's new camp and responding to increased needs.

The program entitled ‘Multi-sectoral emergency support to vulnerable children and families on Lesvos –GBV Survivors and/or those at high risk of GBV are identified and referred to receive vital psychosocial services, case management, and emergency accommodation’, is implemented by the Diotima Center, with funding from UNICEF and IRC Hellas as a leader of the consortium, for the period February 2021- April 2022 (until 15.3.2022).

The program is concerned to tackle the gender-based violence in the new camp of Lesvos, in which refugees were relocated, after the devastating fire in the Reception and Identification Centers (RIC) in Lesvos.


The main goal of the program is the identification, registration, and provision of psycho-social support to GBV survivors and provision of emergency accommodation services for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and women at risk of gender-based violence, in the context of the case management by a team of specialized professionals (coordinator, psychologists, social workers, interpreters, and social scientists) and referrals internally and externally to competent bodies.

The key actions

Strengthening the existing gender-based violence management team of the Diotima Center in Lesvos, with the aim of responding to the increased needs.

Interventions of SGBV case management team in the new camp, for the registration of the population, providing information of Diotima’s services, the provision of psycho-social support, the provision of emergency accommodation for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and women at risk of gender-based violence and making referrals to the appropriate services.


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