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Μake an escape plan

Φωτογραφία εσωτερικού χώρου με έναν πορτοκαλί τοίχο στον οποίο υπάρχει ένα άνοιγμα πόρτας

It is important to plan your escape from an abusive relationship. See some indicative steps below and make an escape plan.

Diotima Center now in Samos

a woman stands with her back to a colorful wall with flower paintings

Our local office in Vathi provides support services to local and refugee women who have suffered gender-based violence.

Interpreter Arabic, Thessaloniki, Deadline 10/01/2019

σε υπόλευκο φόντο γράφει «We are hiring!»

Interpreter Arabic Location:  Thessaloniki Deadline: 10/01/2019 Required Skills: Fluent in Arabic Fluent in Greek or English (written & spoken) Desired knowledge Kirmantzi/Sorani Basic computer skills Prior experience in working with female refuges Description: Provide accurate interpretation. Cooperative and patient, able to treat beneficiaries. Communicate accurately the content and style of oral . Cooperate with patience […]

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