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Best practices seminars on gender-based violence
Lila project organizes online seminars aiming to share knowledge and experience on different aspects of gender-based violence.

A series of six online seminars will be held in the context of the international project LILA and will take place online during February and March. The seminars will be hosted by experts and professionals who are collaborating with the consortium of the program, the organizations ACRA , ABD-ONG, Payoke & Diotima Centre.

The international online trainings aim to create a platform of dialogue and exchange of good practices among the countries of the consortium (Italy, Belgium, Greece, and Spain) and beyond. We invite you to be part of it.

The audience of the session will consist of professionals/trainers, volunteers, and other professionals working with women and girls victims of gender-based violence (GBV), trafficking, and their children. People interested in the session could register via an online form at this link. The registration form is the same for all the online seminars of the LILA project.


09.00 am-14.00 am CET, by Payoke

Don’t call them loverboys; they’re traffickers Human trafficking through coerced trauma-bondings.

Trainers: Steve Gorelashvili & Audrey de Bock (psycho-social counsellors) Prof. Silvia Tabusca, law lecturer at the Romanian-American University, School of Law, director of the Center for Human Rights and Migration), Frederik Dejonghe (legal counsellor Payoke’s Loverboy THB Team and Héloïse Du Roy, policy advisor, child focus)

10.00 am- 12.30 pm. CET, by ABD-ONG

The approach to gender-based violence in Catalonia. Intervention framework and specialized care service model.

Trainer: Maria Jesús Rodríguez Carrero (director of the SIE of Baix Llobregat)

10.00 am- 12.30 pm. CET, by ABD-ONG

Group and community intervention in situations of gender-based violence.

Trainer: Carolina Torralbo Muñoz (degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, diploma in Social Work, extensive training in Systemic Family Therapy and a master in group and multifamily interventions)

13/03/2023 & 20/03/2023
10.30 am – 13.00 pm. CET (on both dates), by ACRA in collaboration with CADMI_Casa delle donne maltrattate

“From listening to the methodology of welcoming”

Trainer : Siham Hibu , Ilaria Baldini and Cristina Barbieri , Federica Albano ( simulation)

09.00 am – 14.00 pm. CET, by Diotima Centre

Support to GBV survivors and refugees women through providing comprehensive support services, specialized psychosocial support, quality legal advice, and GBV prevention and response services

Trainers: Stella Saratsi (GBV prevention coordinator of Diotima Centre) Sissy Vazirgiantziki (Athens GBV case manager of Diotima Centre) and Maria Apostolaki (attorney at law and legal services coordinator of Diotima Centre)

**The international project “LILA” is implemented in the context of CERV-2021-DAPHNE, for the period 1 March 2022 – 28 February 2024, with EU funding. The coordinator of the project is the ABD-ONG (Spain) and partner organizations are the Κέντρο Διοτίμα / Diotima Centre(Greece), ACRA (Italy) and Payoke Vzw ( Belgium).


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