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24 Jan
A woman's face is blurred and on the front is written "In times of crisis women and girls are most at risk, stand by them."
Digital campaign #StandΒyΤhem

New campaign of the Diotima Centre on gender-based violence in three languages (Greek, English, Ukrainian).

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27 Jun
PR| Accessing healthcare report

The report reveals the multiple difficulties and barriers to accessing healthcare faced by people on the move in Greece

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14 Apr
PR| Report “Seeking a new life – Seeking employment”

An assessment of the employment situation of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection in Greece.

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20 Jan
PR| Homeless and hopeless

A new report outlines gaps in policy and the challenges to housing faced by asylum seekers and refugees in Greece.

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02 Dec
PR| Joint letter to Pope Francis about refugees

36 civil society organizations have sent a letter to Pope Francis regarding the refugee situation in view of his upcoming visit to Greece.

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18 Nov
PR | Petition for feminist asylum

More than 100 NGOs co-sign a Petition for an effective recognition of the specific grounds for asylum for women, girls and LGBTIQA+ people.

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12 Nov
Diotima-900x600_Fb Cover
PR| Rebranding with a vision of a world of gender equality and justice

Our new visual identity seals our transition to a more inclusive and interdisciplinary approach to gender rights.

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05 Nov
©UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis
PR| Relocation from Greece: Lessons learnt and looking ahead

29 NGOs co-sign a Joint briefing paper calling the Greek government and EU to complete the current relocation scheme.

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27 Oct
Joint NGO Briefing on the situation in Greece

29 NGOs co-sign a Joint Briefing on urgent issues regarding the protection of refugees and asylum seekers in Greece and their human rights.

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26 Oct
Press release| New digital human rights campaign

The new digital campaign "Do the human right thing" gives rise to people on the move voices in order to be heard louder.

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18 Oct
Press Statement | Are you eligible to eat?

28 organizations sign a joint press release requesting the food provision to people living in facilities, regardless of their legal status.

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05 Oct
Press release| New Programme “Do the human right thing”

Its goal is to advocate for the integration of refugees and international protection seekers in Greek society.

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20 Sep
Untitled design (1)
Common letter for the creation of a Safe Area for single women within the new center  

We believe that the absence of an accommodation space for single women will have a negative impact on the lives of many women living in...

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08 Sep
kara_tepe (Medium)
Walling off welcome: New reception facilities in Greece reinforce a policy of refugee containment and exclusion

45 NGOs and civil society groups have today released a report urging the European Union and Greek government to abandon plans to...

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25 Jun
A big setback in integration: The cut in aid to asylum seekers

In an announcement on April 15, the Ministry of Migration and Asylum announced across-the-board cuts in financial assistance for all...

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14 Jun
Greece deems Turkey “safe”, but refugees are not

With a new Joint Ministerial Decision issued on 7 June, he Greek State designates Turkey as a “safe third country” for families, men...

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26 May
Untitled design (11)
For a Europe that truly protects: Joint NGO policy brief on the screening regulation proposal

12 NGOs working in Greece - all signatory to this briefing - have serious concerns about elements of the proposed Screening Regulation.

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17 May
Call to withdraw the Bill for mandatory shared custody for ALL children in Greece

We have been made aware of the alarming content of the Greek Bill entitled “Reforms regarding parent-child relations and other family law...

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22 Dec
Refugees in Greece: risk of homelessness and destitution for thousands during winter

As winter closes in, thousands of refugees in Greece still face homelessness and destitution. While winter always poses a challenge...

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03 Nov
Press release | Diotima Center now in Samos

“Now you have someone to talk to”! Thisis the title of the campaign currently organised by Diotima Center in Samosaiming...

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20 Oct
Public statement | Save dignity, save PIKPA and Kara Tepe

Μore than 160 Greek and international organizations,  academicsand other actors from all over Europe urge the Greek authorities...

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19 Oct
Untitled design
RVRN | Justice shields the rule of law and human rights in Greece

The trial of the Golden Dawn case is going to be completed soon, after a lengthy process of almost six...

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13 Oct
Protect dignity and human rights: call for solidarity gathering in support of PIKPA on Wednesday, 14 October 2020. 

The Greek government is about to close a historic shelter for vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees, with no care ...

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30 Sep
GBV survivors in Lesvos exposed to the violence of the perpetrators

Moria’s Reception and Identification center has been completely destroyed after the fire that took place on the 9th of September…

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10 Sep
Greece: Transfer refugees and asylum seekers to safety on mainland

Following yesterday's fire in Moria, on Lesvos, which destroyed the Reception and Identification Centre, 31 civil society organizations call on...

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08 Sep
The first coronavirus case in Moria stresses the urgent need for a comprehensive integration policy

The first coronavirus case in Moria stresses the urgent need for a comprehensive integration policy and measures to safeguard the health of everyone...

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14 Jul
Joint letter | Endorsment letter Expert Council opinion

The undersigned organisations welcome the ‘Opinion on the Compatibility with European Standards of Recent and Planned Amendments to the Greek...

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02 Jun
unnamed (1)
8,300 refugees to be evicted from their homes in Greece – Joint Letter to EU and Greek officials

Thousands of refugees in Greece are about to be evicted from their homes. 8,300 people, many of whom are families...

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30 Mar
Protect the most vulnerable to ensure protection for everyone!

Athens, 25 March 2020 – Recalling the letter issued on 6 March 2020, signed by more than 250 organizations throughout Europe...

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17 Mar
Join Open Letter: Children Remain Invisible

The humanitarian, child protection and human rights organizations co-signing this letter have been actively involved in the refugee field for...

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06 Mar
Protect our laws and humanity! Open Letter by 119 organizations

Athens, 6 March 2020 – The undersigned organizations are deeply concerned about recent developments at the Evros border and the Aegean...

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05 Mar
poreia-diamarturias-prosfugon-sto-keratsini (1)
Press Release: Serious concern over attacks against refugees and humanitarian workers

Athens, 5.03.2020 –The Racist Violence Recording Network (RVRN) strongly condemns the recent incidents targeting refugees, asylumseekers, and humanitarian workers on...

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21 Jan
Women and children using the wash facilities at Kara Tepe camp on Lesvos action aid
Open letter to Mr Notis Mitarakis Minister on Migration and Asylum

With this letter, the below signatory humanitarian, human rights and protection organizations would like to congratulate you on taking up...

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20 Dec
New research report: “Accessibility and Barriers to gender-based violence (GBV) services”

The Centre “Diotima” is launching a new research report:  “Accessibility and Barriers to gender-based violence (GBV) services.”

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03 Dec
PUBLIC STATEMEN: NGOs urge UN High Commissioner for Refugees to act on refugee rights

28 November 2019 –Yesterday, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, visited the Reception and Identification Centre in Moria – Lesvos...

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30 Sep
ένταξη προσφύγων
Greek, EU authorities urged to break ‘vicious cycle’ of overcrowded asylum-seeker hotspots

For the third year in a row, vulnerable asylum seekers – including thousands of children –are trapped on the Greek islands...

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02 Apr
Solomon -Unicef - 0042
A home for refugees

The need for housing throughout asylum procedures and beyond

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01 Apr
26 NGOs urging to end the humanitarian crisis

26 NGOs on the European leaders to take immediate and sustained action to end the unfair and unnecessary containment policy which is preventing asylum seekers from leaving the Greek islands.

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08 Jan
Greece, EU: Move Asylum Seekers to Safety

The Greek government and its European Union partners should urgently ensure that all asylum seekers on the Aegean islands are...

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13 Sep
Conditions at Moria refugee camp are “shameful”

Moria, the first reception centre on the Greek island of Lesvos, recently described in a BBC report as "the worst refugee camp in the world," is currently hosting almost three times its capacity.

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06 Feb
Refugee Women on Greek Islands
Joint briefing paper: A stocktaking of the situation for refugee women and girls

Since 2015, more than one million asylum seekers have arrived to Greece in search of refuge in Europe and 34%...

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