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Policy and legal brief on cyber violence

The study includes an overview of the legal and policy framework on gender-based cyber violence at an international, EU and national level and presents a number of suggestions.

Young people for gender equality

Γραφιστικό σε ροζ φόντο, γράφει "Εκδήλωση EQUAL GEN"

We invite you on Friday 24/3 at 6 pm, at the Serafio of the Municipality of Athens, to the launch event of the Equal_Gen project.

Empowering refugee women

Women discussing around a table. Colourful posters on the wall.

The meetings at the Diotima Center’s “Women’s Info Point” in Lesbos are a transformative and liberating process.

These are femicides

Women's hands, painted red

The three recent femicides in just 48 hours are a devastating consequence of gender-based violence, and not a bolt from the blue.

Accessing healthcare report


The report reveals the multiple difficulties and barriers to accessing healthcare faced by people on the move in Greece

Peace protest

snapshot of an anti-war demonstration, a placard around the neck of a protester reads "all we are saying is give peace a chance"

Call for a pro-peace, anti-war demonstration, for a ceasefire in Ukraine, and the opening of negotiations with the participation of women.

Forms of domestic violence

on a pale green background a flower tending to wither, the caption reads "verbal violence hurts" and top left "unlock your power"

Domestic violence is the most prevalent form of gender-based violence worldwide. 1 in 4 European women experiences or will experience it at some point in her life.

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